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101-400 exam

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Exam Code: 101-400
Exam Name: LPI Level 1 Exam 101, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 1 of 2
Updated: Mar 31, 2017
Q&As: 120
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101-400 exam

Share some Lpi Specialist 101-400 Exam Questions and Answers Below:

Question No : 8 – (Topic 1)  Which statement is true regarding the UDP checksum?
A. It is used for congestion control.
B. It cannot be all zeros.
C. It is used by some Internet worms to hide their propagation.
D. It is computed based on the IP pseudo-header.
Answer: D
The method used to compute the checksum is defined in RFC 768:
“Checksum is the 16-bit one’s complement of the one’s complement sum of a pseudo
header of information from the IP header, the UDP header, and the data, padded with zero
octets at the end (if necessary) to make a multiple of two octets.”
In other words, all 16-bit words are summed using one’s complement arithmetic. Add the
16-bit values up. Each time a carry-out (17th bit) is produced, swing that bit around and
add it back into the least significant bit. The sum is then one’s complemented to yield the
value of the UDP checksum field.
If the checksum calculation results in the value zero (all 16 bits 0) it should be sent as the
one’s complement (all 1s).

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