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Exam Code: C2090-424
Exam Name: InfoSphere DataStage v11.3
Updated: Jul 06, 2017
Q&As: 64

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★Share some IBM Specialist  Pass4itsure C2090-424 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Below:★

How do Siemens Unified Communications solutions facilitate easy growth and expansion
for your customers?
A. Customers can maximize the lifetime value of the solutions and services that you
provide them.
B. Customers need to replace their existing applications with new applications.
C. Customers can implement solutions that need a dedicated team to maintain and update
D. Customers can buy the capabilities that they need now and activate new capabilities
with “license keys” when they are ready in the future.
C2090-424 dumps Answer: D

What does “Open” in Open Communications signify?

A. Siemens provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Program
Interfaces (APIs) that allow better and easier voice integration.
B. Siemens Unified Communications solutions increase the operational costs due to
complex technologies.
C. Siemens Unified Communications solutions require customers to buy the entire
solution instead of the relevant solution elements.
D. Siemens Open Communications strategy is based on the Open Service Delivery
Answer: A
Which options apply to the Siemens Open Communications strategy? (Choose two)
A. It helps deliver solutions to only small sized businesses.
B. It helps Siemens realize the LifeWorks vision.
C. It provides customers with business value by impacting their growth.
D. It is Siemens’ core company strategy and positioning.
C2090-424 pdf Answer: B, D
Which business objectives does the Siemens approach to Open Communications impact
while providing business value to customers? (Choose two)
A. Promoting employee competition.
B. Reducing operation costs.
C. Improving asset efficiency.
D. Enhancing business knowledge.
Answer: B, C
How do Siemens Open Communications solutions reduce operating costs? (Choose two)
A. By increasing the number of employees.
B. By simplifying infrastructure and costs.
C. By ensuring that employees work from office.

D. By increasing the efficiency of sales teams.
C2090-424 vce Answer: B, D
Which options offered by Siemens Open Communications solutions help reduce costs of
travel, conferencing, and relocation? (Choose two)
A. SIP to integrate with third-party communication solutions
B. OpenScape Office to collaboratewith customers and colleagues
C. IP networking solutionsto consolidate infrastructure
D. OpenScape Video to provide video conferencing
Answer: B, D
Which best describes Siemens’ mobility solutions?
A. The solutions make your customers’ sales people more contactable and productive by
providing them access to the required resources.
B. The solutions consolidate the infrastructure by providing disaster recovery.
C. The solutions help customers choose the right data networking vendor or operate a
mixed data networking vendor policy.
D. The solutions help use the secure corporate data network to call overseas.
C2090-424 exam Answer: A
Which best describes how the Siemens’ OpenScape Office solution helps the customer
close sales faster?
A. OpenScape Office helps customers save money by advocating making the most of
existing infrastructure.
B. OpenScape Office helps you design disaster recovery options that suit your customer’s
C. OpenScape Office frees up the use of the customer’s premises and helps them
consolidate their existing real estate.
D. OpenScape Office applies the intelligence of presence technology and integrates easily
with customer’s sales applications.

Answer: D
Which best describes corporate governance?
A. It involves enabling employees to work virtually, thereby reducing the organization’s
relocation costs.
B. It involves meeting regulatory requirements and mitigating risks at every level –
through operations, data policies, and communications architecture.
C. It involves having the right communications services and solutions to help your
customers respond faster to their own customers’ demands.
D. It involves helping your customer acquire and retain customers by enhancing customer
C2090-424 dumps Answer: B
Which are the basic components of a Siemens Unified Communication solution? (Choose
A. OpenScape Office
B. DECT or Wireless LAN systems
C. Connectivity gateways
D. Comscendo Voice
Answer: A, C, D
Which factors create an impetus for customers to invest in communications? (Choose
A. The rise in new Internet-style voice services from reliable public network providers.
B. The customers’ desire to take advantage of cheaper digital phone services.
C. The demand of Internet users for tools and software that help them in online
D. The ease of providing users with software that helps them use their PCs as a part of
the communication system.
C2090-424 exam Answer: A, D
What benefits does VoIP provides to users? (Choose two)
A. Dialing a contact directly from Outlook.
B. Setting up Outlook to call a contact at a specific time.
C. Recording voice and sending it as an e-mail attachment.
D. Receiving voice mail and fax directly in the Outlook mailbox.
Answer: A, D
Which Siemens communications system combines OpenScape Office, Comscendo Voice
and IP gateways in a single communications server?
A. OpenStage
B. HiPath OpenStage
C. HiPath 3000
D. HiPath OpenOffice
C2090-424 pdf Answer: D
How many users can Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office serve?
A. Up to 521 users.
B. No more than 93 users.
C. Up to 236 users.
D. No more than 115 users.
Answer: C
What is the advantage of the converged system in Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office?
A. It supports circuit switching or VoIP and applications such as voice mail, unified
messaging, and in-building DECT.
B. It serves as a VoIP migration path for a number of widely deployed legacy platforms.

C. It allows you to check your voice mail using Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) e
mail clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Lotus Notes.
D. It is a free open source software appliance, designed to operate on Linux-based
servers, that provides a VoIP PBX system.
C2090-424 vce Answer: A
Which is a common disadvantage of Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office and Avaya IP
Office? (Choose two)
A. No feature transparency.
B. No redundancy options available.
C. No support for digital phones.
D. No fax and ISDN support.
Answer: B, C

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