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74-678 dumps

★Share Some Microsoft Specialist Pass4itsure 74-678 Dump Exam Questions and Answers Below:★

When redistributing OSPF into RIP V2 what must be taken into consideration for the redistribution to take place?
A. The metric must be set accordingly for RIP
B. The subnet mask must be removed from the OSPF route
C. You must divide the cost of the OSPF route by three
D. The router must be configured as an ASBR
74-678 exam Correct Answer: A
What is wrong with the following filter configuration from an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR?
RTR-B# configure filter
RTR-B>config>filter# ip-filter 1 create
RTR-B>config>filter>ip-filter$ entry 1 create
RTR-B>config>filter>ip-filter>entry$ match src-ip RTR-B>config>filter>ip-filter>entry# action drop
RTR-B# configure router interface toRTR-A
RTR-B>config>router>if# egress
RTR-B>config>router>if>egress# filter ip 1
A. There is nothing wrong with this filter
B. The filter should be applied to the ingress and not the egress.
C. The mask cannot be a “/” value, it must be in dotted decimal.
D. All traffic is being blocked
Correct Answer: D
When configuring a filter, where should the most explicit entries be placed?
A. At the bottom
B. In the middle
C. At the top
D. It does not matter where they are placed.
74-678 dumps Correct Answer: C
From the list below identify two matching criteria supported for IP filters on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR: (Choose two)
A. DSCP marking
B. Class of Service Marking
C. DSAP marking
D. ICMP type
Correct Answer: AD
What command is used on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR to define the default action to be taken if a packet does not match any entry in an IP filter?
A. config>filter# default-action XXX
B. config>filter>ip-filter# default-action XXX
C. config>filter# default-mode XXX
D. config>filter>ip-filter# default-mode XXX
74-678 pdf Correct Answer: B
What is another term to describe the default route for a client?
A. Black hole
B. Default gateway
C. Gateway path
D. Proxy ARP
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is not one of the MT topologies defined for IS-IS?
A. IPv4 In-Band Management
B. IPv6 Routing
C. IPv4 Multicast Routing
D. IPv6 Multicast Routing
E. All of the above are MT topologies defined for IS-IS.
74-678 vce Correct Answer: E
Click the exhibit button
The 192 168 3.0/24 network is learned on router R1 via IS-IS Given the OSPF configuration shown, and assuming that the OSPF adjacency between routers R1 and R3 is up, why is the 192 168.3.0/24 route not in router R3’s route table? (Choose two)
A. The route policy should be applied as in import policy
B. The no-redistribute-external command is used on router R1
C. The route policy is incorrect. It should say “from protocol ISIS” rather than “from protocol direct”.
D. It is not possible to be an ASBR and an NSSA. The ASBR configuration should be removed.
E. The interface between routers R1 and R3 needs to be in OSPF area 0 rather than OSPF area 1
because a backbone area must always exist.
Correct Answer: BC
Which of the following best describes the actions after an IS-IS router receives on a broadcast interface, a newer LSP than the one in its database?
A. The router sends a copy of the LSP from its database to its neighbor
B. The router updates its database with the LSP and floods a copy to its other neighbors.
C. The router updates its database with the LSP, acknowledges the LSP with a PSNP and floods a copy to its other neighbors.
D. The router updates its database with the LSP and acknowledges it with a PSNP.

74-678 exam Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit.
Assume that OSPFv3 is properly configured on all routers and that R4 advertises its system prefix into Area 0. Which of the following statements best describes how R5 learns R4’s IPv6 system prefix?
A. With a Router LSA originated by R1
B. With a Router LSA originated by R5
C. With a Router LSA originated by R4
D. With an Inter-Area Prefix LSA originated by R1
E. With an Inter-Area Prefix LSA originated by R5
F. With an Inter-Area Prefix LSA originated by R4
Correct Answer: D
Click the exhibit button. is a loopback interface on router R2 and is distributed to OSPF area 0, but the ping fails from router R3. Which of the following is a possible solution to the problem?
A. Add the “originate-default-route” option in the NSSA area configuration on router R3
B. Add the “summaries” option to the NSSA area configuration on router R1
C. Make a static route on router R1 to
D. Make a default route on router R2
74-678 dumps Correct Answer: B
Which of the statements about the output in the exhibit is FALSE?
A. The system interface is configured with IPv6 address 2001DB8 1:100:1/128
B. All interfaces are configured for IPv4 and IPv6.
C. Interface “toR2” is configured with a globally routed IPv6 address.
D. Interface “toR3” is not configured for IPv6 with a global IPv6 address.
Correct Answer: B

74-678 dumps

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