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70-410 dumps
Exam Code: 70-410
Exam Name: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
Updated: Mar 28, 2017
Q&As: 503
Published: September 17, 2012
Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)
Audiences:IT professionals
Technology: Windows Server 2012
Credit toward certification: MCP, MCSA, MCSE
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Consider aWebLogicDomain that consists of an Administration Server and four clustered Managed Servers. Each server is running on its own hardware using JVM 1.4.1. TheMangaedServers are running on dedicated dual-CPU servers. You have been assigned to tune thisWebLogicdeployment. While monitoring garbage collection on a Managed Server, you notice unacceptably long pauses. What is the best way to attempt to reduce the pauses?
A. Increase the heap size.
B. Tune the garbage collection method.
C. Add more servers to the cluster.
D. Run more servers per machine.
E. Both A and C.

Correct Answer: B

What is the purpose of an Adjudication Provider?
A. To make a final access ruling that takes into account all of the authorization providers
B. To determine, based on dynamic role mapping, whether to approve a resource request
C. To direct access requests to the appropriate policy store
D. To allow interaction with third-party LDAP servers for username/password mapping
E. To log invalid access requests

Correct Answer: A
70-410 dumps QUESTION 24
Setting theprecompileparameter to true in the <jsp-descriptor> element ofweblogic.xmlcausesWebLogic to pre-compileJSPs. Which of the flowing are results of pre-compilation?
A. Changes to one JSP cause recompilation of allJSPs.
B. Server thread usage increases.
C. The Web application can no longer be deployed in a WAR file.
D. Server startup is significantly slowed.
E. A and C
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is not an idempotent method for a Stateless Session Bean?
A. A method that converts dollars to euros
B. A method that sets a counter to zero
C. A method that looks up a stoke price based on a ticker symbol
D. A method that adds money to an account
E. A method that queries a database

Correct Answer: D
Consider a JDBC multi-pool with three connection pools (Pool A, Pool B and Pool C). The distribution algorithm is set to Load Balancing. You attempt to acquire a connection to Pool A. Under what circumstances do you get a connection to Pool B or Pool C?
A. When the connection to Pool A fails a connection test
B. When all the connection sin Pool A are in use
C. When Pool B or Pool C is next in the round-robin algorithm
D. You never getconnection to Pool B or Pool C
E. A and B

Correct Answer: C
70-410 dumps QUESTION 27
For High Availability, howshouldNodeManagerbe configured in aWebLogicdomain.
A. NodeManagershould run as a daemon or service on all machines that host Managed Servers.
B. NodeManagershould run as anapplicationonall machines that host Managed Servers.
C. NodeManagershould run as a daemon or service on a dedicated machine.
D. NodeManagershould run as a daemon or service on the machine that hosts the Administration Server.
E. NodeManagershould run as an application on the machine that hosts the Administration Server.

Correct Answer: A
A Web tier cluster is being created that will provideHttpSessionfailover with reasonable safety and good scaling ability. TheHttpSessionswill contain serialized Java objects. EightWebLogicserver instances will be running on four physical machines; there will be two WebLogicserver instances per physical machine. Part of the cluster, containing two physical machines, is located in one room; the other two machines are located in one room; the other two machines are located in another room. In this cluster, the Administration Server is located on its own physical machine. If the Administration Server is not running, how can the Managed Servers start?
A. The Managed Servers must run in Managed Server Independence (MSI) mode.
B. The domain files must be copied to each Managed Server.
C. The MSI file must be present locally on each Managed Server.
D. A Managed Server CANNOTbestarted without an Administration Server.
E. A and C

Correct Answer: E
You areadministertingaWebLogicdomain that consists of an Administration server and a cluster that consists of two Managed Servers, namedserverAandserverB, respectively. These servers are distributed between two machines,machineAand machineB. The administration server andserverAare onmachineAandserverBis on machineB. Local and remote clients are complaining about sluggish performance. The Managed Servers seem to be lacking enough money. Which of the flowing will help?
A. Increase the size of the default execute queue.
B. Increase the connection backlog for each Managed Server.
C. Add an extra Network Channel to each Managed Server.
D. Increase the amount of heap memory allocated for the JVM of each Managed Server.
E. A and D

Correct Answer: E
70-410 dumps QUESTION 30
The default Security Service Providers (SSPs) ofWebLogicServer support parameterized, or rule-based, roles. Which of the following criteria can be used to define a role?
A. Group membership
B. Originating IP address
C. HTTP header information
D. Time of day
E. A and D

Correct Answer: E
TheNodeManagercan be used to do which task?
A. Remotely start and stop managed servers.
B. Kill managed servers.
C. Auto-restart failed servers.
D. Remotely start the database.
E. Remotely start and stop managed servers, kill managed servers, and auto-restart failed servers.

Correct Answer: E
When a failed Administration Server is restarted, how does it re-connect to its Managed Servers?
A. After the Administration Server has started, you must restart each Managed Server.
B. The local JNDI servicepersiststhe IP and port for each Managed Server.
C. The Administration Server reads running-managed-servers.xmlandconfig.xmland attempts to connect to each one.
D. Each Managed Server sends a “heartbeat” to the Administration Server.
E. An Administration Server cannot re-connect to a running Managed Server.

Correct Answer: C

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