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Exam Code: 210-451
Exam Name: Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals
Q&As: 60

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210-451 dumps

★Share Some Cisco Specialist Pass4itsure 210-451 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Below:★

Which two statements are true about OnTimer triggers? (Choose two.)
A. They only run when the application is idle.
B. OnTimer triggers are configured in the File Options dialog.
C. Different OnTimer scripts can be installed in different windows.
D. Days and times can be specified when the OnTimer script activates.
210-451 exam Answer: A,C

A file has the following script specified for OnLastWindowClose:
Allow User Abort [Off]
Exit Script [Result; False]
Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]
Assume the Layout Setup dialog for the current layout is set to Save record changes automatically. When a user attempts to close the file, what will be the result?
A. The file will close and the current record will be committed.
B. The file will close and the current record will not be committed.
C. The file will remain open and the current record will be committed.
D. The file will remain open and the current record will not be committed
Answer: C
Which statement is true regarding layout themes in FileMaker Pro 12?
A. Changing a layout theme may reposition a field on the layout to align it to the theme’s default grid
B. Objects with custom styles applied using the Inspector will be unaffected by changing a layout’s theme.
C. A layout theme determines the padding space (vertical and horizontal) surrounding content for displaying text and container fields.
D. Clicking an object while holding the Command (Mac OS X) or Control (Windows) key will reset the default object style for any new objects of the same type on that layout.
210-451 dumps Answer: C
Which statement is true regarding applying object styles in FileMaker Pro 12?
A. The Format Painter will only apply styles to objects on the same layout.
B. The Format Painter cannot be used to apply the style of one layout part to another.
C. The Format Painter tool can only apply styles associated with the Normal State of an object.
D. The Copy Object Style and Paste Object Style buttons of the Inspector will only work among
layouts of the same file.
E. Holding down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS X) key while clicking the Copy Object Style button in Inspector will only copy the styles for the currently selected object state.
Answer: B
Which two statements are true regarding object styles in FileMaker 12? (Choose two.)
A. A text box will not display Hover state styles.
B. The Alternate Record state is unique to the Body part.
C. Only the Normal State is recognized for object styles in FileMaker Go 12.
D. Only the Normal State will function in Table View for fields in the Body part.
E. Hover state styles for a field will supersede Conditional Formatting styles when a mouse pointer is hovering over the field.
210-451 pdf Answer: A,D
Which two statements are true if a file is configured with an OnWindowOpen script trigger? (Choose two.)
A. The script will be triggered when a file is first opened.
B. A script parameter can be passed to name the new window.
C. The script will not be triggered when a Dialog Window (Modal) is opened.
D. The script will be triggered when a snapshot link file is used to open the file.
E. The action of opening the window can be canceled by use of the Exit Script [False] script step
Answer: A,D

Which two statements are true about script triggers? (Choose two.)
A. Layout script triggers can be activated by scripts.
B. An object can have only one script trigger associated with it.
C. Script triggers can only be assigned to field objects and tab controls.
D. Object script triggers will not activate if the layout is set to Table view.
E. A script trigger can be set to activate when the user switches between tab panels.
210-451 vce Answer: A,E

Assume the user has full privileges to view and modify all data in the file. Which two statements
are true in this situation? (Choose two.)
A. The Name Last field is in the Header part.
B. The user will be able to edit the contents of z_TempText in Table view.
C. If viewed as a form in Browse mode, Quick Find will ignore the data in the Name Last field.
D. The Name Last field will be excluded from the list of available fields in the Sort Records… dialog
for the Current Layout
E. The Activities portal, Name Last field, and z_TempText field are within the page boundary and
thus will be included when printed in Form view.
F. The script step insert Text [Select; Customer:: z_TempText; “Complete”] will result in Error 102
(“Field is missing”) and z_TempText will be empty

Answer: A,B

Given the following function:
Substitute (myText ; [“abc” ; “XYZ”] ; [ “XY2” ; “abc”])
If the field myText contains “abc-xyz”, what is the result?
A. abc-abc
B. abc-xyz
C. XYZ-abc
D. XYZ-xyz
210-451 exam Answer: B
What can be done with an ExecuteSOL calculation function?
A. Count the number of unique values in a field from a set of related records.
B. Populate a field in a set of related records with the result of a calculation function.
C. Find the number of records in the current found set that match certain query criteria.
D. Insert a new record into a table and populate it with values from global script variables.
210-451 dumps Answer: A
Given a custom function created in FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced defined as Explode (str):
What is the result of Explode (“Bob”)?
A. BoB
D. BBoBob
E. BobBoB
Answer: C

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