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★Share Some Cisco Specialist Pass4itsure 352-001 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Below(19-36)★

Refer to the exhibit.
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In this design, which technology would provide for the best use of resources to provide end-to- end Layer 2 connectivity?
C. Multichassis EtherChannel
352-001 exam 
Correct Answer: C

What are three key design principles when using a classic hierarchical network model? (Choose three.)
A. The core layer controls access to resources for security.
B. The core layer should be configured with minimal complexity.
C. The core layer is designed first, followed by the distribution layer and then the access layer.
D. A hierarchical network design model aids fault isolation.
E. The core layer provides server access in a small campus.
F. A hierarchical network design facilitates changes.
Correct Answer: BDF

Which three techniques can be used to improve fault isolation in an enterprise network design? (Choose three.)
A. aggregate routing information on an OSPF ABR
B. fully meshed distribution layer
C. Equal-Cost Multipath routing
D. EIGRP query boundaries
E. multiple IS-IS flooding domains
F. tuned Spanning Tree Protocol timers
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Correct Answer: ADE

When you design a network, when would it be required to leak routes into a Level 1 area?
A. when a multicast RP is configured in the nonbackbone area
B. when MPLS L3VPN PE devices are configured in the Level 1 areas
C. when equal cost load balancing is required between the backbone and nonbackbone areas
D. when unequal cost load balancing is required between the backbone and nonbackbone areas
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
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In this network design, where should summarization occur to provide the best summarization and optimal paths during a single-failure incident as well as during normal operation?
A. a single identical summary for all the branch offices placed on routers 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B
B. two summaries on 1A and 1B, and two summaries on 2A and 2B
C. a single identical summary on 3A and 3B
D. a single summary on each aggregation device for the branches connected to them
352-001 pdf 
Correct Answer: C

What are two benefits of following a structured hierarchical and modular design? (Choose two.)
A. Each component can be designed independently for its role.
B. Each component can be managed independently based on its role.
C. Each component can be funded by different organizations based on its role.
D. Each component can support multiple roles based on the requirements.
E. Each component can provide redundancy for applications and services.
Correct Answer: AB

In a large enterprise network with multiple data centers and thousands of access devices, OSPF is becoming unstable due to link flapping. The current design has the access devices multihomed to large aggregation routers at each of the data centers. How would you redesign the network to improve stability?
A. Add a layer of regional Layer 3 aggregation devices, but leave the ABR function on the data center aggregation routers.
B. Add a layer of regional Layer 2 aggregation devices, but leave the ABR function on the data center aggregation routers.
C. Add a layer of regional Layer 3 aggregation devices and move the ABR function to the regional aggregation device.
D. Add a layer of regional Layer 2 aggregation devices and move the ABR function to the regional aggregation device.
352-001 vce 
Correct Answer: C

During a network design review, it is recommended that the network with a single large area should be broken up into a backbone and multiple nonbackbone areas. There are differing opinions on how many ABRs are needed for each area for redundancy. What would be the impact of having additional ABRs per area?
A. There is no impact to increasing the number of ABRs.
B. The SPF calculations are more complex.
C. The number of externals and network summaries are increased.
D. The size of the FIB is increased.
Correct Answer: C

A large enterprise customer is migrating thousands of retail offices from legacy TDM circuits to an Ethernet-based service. The network is running OSPF and has been stable for many years. It is now possible to backhaul the circuits directly to the data centers, bypassing the regional aggregation routers. Which two networking issues need to be addressed to ensure stability with the new design? (Choose two.)
A. Nothing will change if the number of offices is the same.
B. Nothing will change if the number of physical interfaces stays the same.

C. The RIB will increase significantly.
D. The FIB will increase significantly.
E. The amount of LSA flooding will increase significantly.
F. The size of the link-state database will increase significantly.
352-001 exam 
Correct Answer: EF

Refer to the exhibit.
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The design is being proposed for use within the network. The CE devices are OSPF graceful restart-capable, and the core devices are OSPF graceful restart aware. The WAN advertisements received from BGP are redistributed into OSPF. A forwarding supervisor failure event takes place on CE A. During this event, how will the routes learned from the WAN be seen on the core devices?
A. via CE A and CE B
B. via CE A
C. via CE B
D. no WAN routes will be accessible
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
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How would you adjust the design to improve convergence on the network?
A. Add an intra-POP link between routers 1A and 1B, and enable IP LFA FRR.
B. Use an IP SLA between the end stations to detect path failures.
C. Enable SSO-NSF on routers 1A and 1B.
D. Use BGP to connect the sites over the WAN.
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Correct Answer: A

A company requests that you consult with them regarding the design of their production, development, and test environments. They indicate that the environments must communicate effectively, but they must be kept separate due to the inherent failures on the development network. What will be configured on the links between the networks to support their design requirements?
D. static routes
Correct Answer: B

Who is responsible for ensuring that information is categorized and that specific protective measures are taken?
A. The security officer
B. Senior management
C. The end user
D. The custodian
352-001 pdf 
Correct Answer: B
Routine administration of all aspects of security is delegated, but top management must retain overall responsibility. The security officer supports and implements information security for senior management. The end user does not perform categorization. The custodian supports and implements information security measures as directed.

An organization’s board of directors has learned of recent legislation requiring organizations within the industry to enact specific safeguards to protect confidential customer information.What actions should the board take next?
A. Direct information security on what they need to do
B. Research solutions to determine the proper solutions
C. Require management to report on compliance
D. Nothing; information security does not report to the board
Correct Answer: C
Information security governance is the responsibility of the board of directors and executive management. In this instance, the appropriate action is to ensure that a plan is in place for implementation of needed safeguards and to require updates on that implementation.

Information security should be:
A. focused on eliminating all risks.
B. a balance between technical and business requirements.

C. driven by regulatory requirements.
D. defined by the board of directors.
352-001 vce 
Correct Answer: B
Information security should ensure that business objectives are met given available technical capabilities, resource constraints and compliance requirements. It is not practical or feasible to eliminate all risks. Regulatory requirements must be considered, but are inputs to the business considerations. The board of directors does not define information security, but provides direction in support of the business goals and objectives.

What is the MOST important factor in the successful implementation of an enterprise wide information security program?
A. Realistic budget estimates
B. Security awareness
C. Support of senior management
D. Recalculation of the work factor
Correct Answer: C
Without the support of senior management, an information security program has little chance of survival. A company’s leadership group, more than any other group, will more successfully drive the program. Their authoritative position in the company is a key factor. Budget approval, resource commitments, and companywide participation also require the buy-in from senior management. Senior management is responsible for providing an adequate budget and the necessary resources. Security awareness is important, but not the most important factor. Recalculation of the work factor is a part of risk management.

What is the MAIN risk when there is no user management representation on the Information Security Steering Committee?
A. Functional requirements are not adequately considered.
B. User training programs may be inadequate.
C. Budgets allocated to business units are not appropriate.
D. Information security plans are not aligned with business requirements
352-001 exam 
Correct Answer: D
The steering committee controls the execution of the information security strategy, according to the needs of the organization, and decides on the project prioritization and the execution plan. User management is an important group that should be represented to ensure that the information security plans are aligned with the business needs. Functional requirements and user training programs are considered to be part of the projects but are not the main risks. The steering committee does not approve budgets for business units.

The MAIN reason for having the Information Security Steering Committee review a new security controls implementation plan is to ensure that:
A. the plan aligns with the organization’s business plan.
B. departmental budgets are allocated appropriately to pay for the plan.
C. regulatory oversight requirements are met.
D. the impact of the plan on the business units is reduced.
Correct Answer: A
The steering committee controls the execution of the information security strategy according to the needs of the organization and decides on the project prioritization and the execution plan. The steering committee does not allocate department budgets for business units. While ensuring that regulatory oversight requirements are met could be a consideration, it is not the main reason for the review. Reducing the impact on the business units is a secondary concern but not the main reason for the review.

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