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★Share some Cisco Specialist  Pass4itsure 300-180 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Below:★

Consider a WebLogic instance that reports several failures with respect to multiple subsystems and applications. Logging and debugging is enabled for all the subsystems including configuring diagnostic monitors to capture diagnostic data at both the system and application levels. If the requirement is to be able to perform the analysis in both online and off-line modes, which one of the following would help in meeting the requirement?
A. Configuring diagnostic archive
B. Redirecting the server standard output to a file
C. Capturing server log files
D. Configuring diagnostic monitors to log to a file

Correct Answer: A

A notification is an action that is triggered when a watch rule evaluates to true. What are the four main types of diagnostic notifications used with watches in the WebLogic 9.x Diagnostic Framework?
Correct Answer: A
What are the four basic components of a JMS system-resource module in the config.xml in WebLogic 9.x?
A. Name, target, subdeployment, descriptor-file-name
B. Domain, jms-server, connection factory, destination
C. Config.xml, jms-module, subdeployment, descriptor-file-name
D. Name, jms-module, subdeployment, descriptor-file-name
Correct Answer: A
The default location for storing JMS persistent messages in WebLogic Server 9.x is: A. Database Store using JDBC
B. WebLogic Persistent Store using a file
C. LDAP server using the embedded LDAP server
D. Remote server using t3 socket buffering

Correct Answer: B
Scenario : While you are setting up a WebLogic Server domain for a fulfillment service application you have the following requirements: The Fulfillment application should be scalable and highly available; different users will use the application using a different DNS name. This application is also exposed to some business partners using other protocols in addition to HTTP and this site also needs to be configured for transport level security. Different certificates should be installed in the server for different clients (using different DNS names). Even the site should withstand hardware NIC failures too. The requirement is when the users access the Fulfillment application using a respective DNS name; automatically their application can be served by configuring the following WebLogic Server feature:
A. Connection filter
B. Virtual hosts
C. HTTP URL rules
D. Application deployment order

Correct Answer: B
Which is used to set the period to harvest data?
A. <time-period>5000</time-period>
B. <sample-period>5000</sample-period>
C. <check-period>5000</check-period>
D. <harvest-period>5000</harvest-period>

Correct Answer: B
Scenario : A single tier WebLogic cluster is configured with six Managed Servers. An Enterprise application
is deployed to the cluster with a web application and EJBs packaged in the same EAR file.
An EAR file is being deployed to the cluster using two-phase deployment. Which of the following is true if
one of the Managed Servers is NOT started in the cluster?

A. First and second phase deployment will be completed on all remaining instances in the cluster.
B. First phase deployment will not be completed on the remaining instances in the cluster.
C. First phase deployment will be completed but the second phase will not be completed on the remaining instances in the cluster.
D. First and second phase deployment will not be completed if enforceClusterConstraints is set to “true”for the Deployer.
E. Both a and d

Correct Answer: E
An application needs to be upgraded using the production redeployment strategy. Which of the following is NOT a development requirement?
A. The application must use JNDI to look up data sources for JDBC.
B. The application must specify the version identifier.
C. The application must use EJB 2.0 instead of EJB 1.1 for container-managed persistence.
D. The application must include a web-service module.

Correct Answer: D
Consider a domain of eight WebLogic instances hosting database intensive application. All the eight instances started showing the symptoms of slow down or busy resulting in an increased response time and decreased throughput. You have been assigned the task of capturing the diagnostic data to analyze the server state. Which one of the following diagnostic data is a must in diagnosing the situation?
A. GC statistics
B. Core dump
C. Thread dump
D. CPU statistics

Correct Answer: C
Scenario : You have made the decision to migrate all your operations onto WebLogic Server. An application has been chosen from each department for the initial phase of migration one from each of Sales, Marketing, Accounts, and Customer Service. The applications will be deployed as individual EAR files to a cluster of WebLogic Server 9.x instances, each with a pool of connections to an Oracle 10g database that provides corporate and departmental data services. The database team hopes to upgrade the database to use Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) shortly, which will require you to configure multiple sets of connections. Connectivity to the existing Service Engineer Dispatch system is via a JMS message bridge. When a service engineer calls in with a report, a message is sent via JMS to the Customer Service application deployed in WebLogic Server. The customer record in the Customer Service database must be updated with details from the message. It is important that the message is not lost because the call management system is not able to resend messages. To address this, the Customer Service application is accessing a persistent JMS Queue using an XA compatible connection factory. Before deploying it into the test environment, you review the configuration of the Sales department’s Enterprise Application, which is meant to contain a JDBC Application Module ?you are concerned that it may not have been built correctly. Most of an application’s deployment descriptors only reference the JDBC module using a JNDI name. Which file listed below is the only one that refers directly to the JDBC Application Module file? Exhibit:

A. config.xml
B. application.xml
C. weblogic-ejb-jar.xml
D. weblogic-application.xml

Correct Answer: D
Which one of the following does NOT depict the difference between production and development mode in WebLogic Server 9.x?
A. When starting in development mode, log files are automatically rotated; in production mode, the log files are rotated after reaching 500k.
B. The JDBC default connection in development is 15, in production, it is 25.
C. WLS automatically deploys applications in the domain_name/autodeploy directory; in production, there is no auto deploy.
D. The default number of execute threads for the default queue in development is 15, in production is 25

Correct Answer: D
What redeployment strategy is recommended to upgrade the web applications and enterprise applications that demand uninterrupted client access and without changing the client’s state information?
A. In-Place redeployment
B. Production redeployment
C. Partial redeployment of static files
D. Partial redeployment of J2EE modules
Correct Answer: B
What are the characteristics of a singleton service?
A. Services that can run on the entire cluster and can be used for the migration of stateful and stateless services on a machine crash
B. Services that can run on only one instance
C. Services that can run on more than one instance and are automatically migrated if the instance hosting the service fails
D. Services that should be migrated only if the server hosting the service is in an un-restartable state
E. Both b and d

Correct Answer: E
You are not sure whether the configuration change you have just made in the WebLogic Server Console
requires the Managed Servers to be restarted.
What should you do?

A. Look for details in the restart-servers.xml in the pending directory.
B. View the Restart Checklist portlet in the console.
C. It is not possible to tell, so you should restart them anyway.
D. Examine the domain restart log for a list of the servers that need restarting.

Correct Answer: B
Which one is true for the Java-based Node Manager?
A. Node Manager process is associated with the specific WebLogic domain.
B. Node Manager cannot start the admin server.
C. Node Manager on one machine can start multiple Managed Servers on different machines.
D. Node Manager on one machine can start multiple Managed Servers on the same machine.
E. Node Manager can start only one Managed Server per machine.

Correct Answer: D
A single JMS server with a queue and a topic is configured for application-related JMS messages on a single WebLogic instance. JMS statistics showed that some of the queue messages are lost and not delivered to the application. Which one of the following would help in tracing each message in the system by tracking the message life cycle events?
A. Enabling JMS debugging
B. Enabling queue message logging
C. Deleting the queue and reconfiguring the application to use topic
D. Enabling topic message logging
Correct Answer: B

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